LOON LAKE AUGUST 15 – 17TH, 2019

Set your intentions! Dance in your light! Feel divine consciousness that IS you already!

Learn about:
Conscious Relationships
& how to become your own healer

Lead Facilitators:
Cassedi Carlsen – Holistic Educator – Energetic Alignment Coach – Healer
Jessica Wild – Intuitive Living Coach – Yoga Teacher – Healer

This retreat is an experience for souls to be reminded of the love and light that exists in the world. A place for you to have all your humans needs met with love, passion and joy in a non-judgemental space. Relax, dance, chant and slide yourself into the seat of your soul.

Through play, sharing our journeys with one another, authentic connections, moving our bodies and of course mindful practices, we remember the true essence of our being.

This experience is for people seeking a weekend away from everyday life to reconnect to themselves, ground and reignite their creative flow that exists effortlessly in the universal flow of the world.

Answer the call from your soul and let go of all the things you think you should be doing. Instead enjoy a weekend designed for authentic connections, body movement, nourishment and tiny droplets of light and love.

“You do you hunny….unapologetically”

All participants will receive a detailed program in their rooms upon arrival and they have to option of participating in the program that is running or not. What this is not, is a weekend for me to tell you how to live your life. What this is, is an opportunity for you to choose what it is that feels right for you. Every activity, teacher and class coming in is here to serve you in creating and holding space for you to be who you are. Experience how easy it can be.